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Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

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Representing Injured and Disabled People Since 1967

Short and long term disability insurance is supposed to offer policyholders peace of mind. Disability insurance provides a safety net in the event of an accidental injury or illness that prevents you from working. However, many insurers unreasonably deny benefits to which you are entitled. Prompt contact with a lawyer before final denial of a claim is vital to the claim's ultimate success.

If you were denied short or long term disability insurance benefits, contact Scott, Kinney, Fjelstad & Mack, Attorneys at Law, in Seattle, Washington, to discuss your options and protect your rights.

We have recovered benefits for doctors, nurses, and other health care providers when professional disability insurance benefits were unjustly denied. We have also represented a wide variety of other individuals with disability insurance claims, including attorneys, law enforcement officers, public servants, teachers and stockbrokers. We have experience in state and federal court trials and appeals when either a private or ERISA disability insurance claim is denied.

Discrimination and Disability

In some cases, disabled persons are denied benefits and are discriminated against at work. If this situation applies to you, the attorneys at Scott, Kinney & Fjelstad, Attorneys at Law, can help. We will help you file a disability insurance claim against your insurance company and a discrimination claim against your employer. You deserve to be treated fairly, regardless of your physical condition.

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For assistance in pursuing either a private disability insurance claim or an ERISA claim in Washington, contact Scott, Kinney, Fjelstad & Mack, Attorneys at Law, to discuss your options and protect your rights.

Verdicts and Settlements

Construction worker fell while demolishing a warehouse and suffered paraplegia. Settlement for $3,200,000 versus property owner and contractor.

Painter fractured his heel and elbow when scissorslift toppled after hitting hole in floor of big box store under construction. Settlement for $1,000,000 versus general contractor and scissorslift manufacturer.

Surgeon lost vision and had to give up his profession. His long-term disability insurer denied his claim. $1,500,000 recovery after successful trial and appeal to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Student suffered a brain injury in car accident with Seattle police car. Settlement for $3,000,000.

Worker injured knee while using a defectively designed ships ladder on building. Settlement versus architect and builder for $445,000.

Worker in gypsum plant suffered the amputation of his fingers by defectively designed conveyor belt and rotary air lock. Settlement against designer and manufacturer for $370,000.

Child killed in apartment fire who failed to install smoke detectors according to Section 8 regulations. Settlement for mother and sister against property owner (confidential sum).

Logger suffered head injury while yarding logs. Settlement of $275,000 versus logging company.

Emergency room physician rendered disabled due to heart condition. His long-term disability insurer denied his claim. Settlement for $400,000.

Physician with heart problem forced to retire. His long-term disability carrier denied his claim. Settlement for $505,000.

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